Why Pin Primrose?

Another one of my passions is herbalism. I’m an apprentice of Nathaniel Hughes of the School of intuitive herbalism where we learn about Healing guided by the plants. The primrose has been with me as a teacher for a very long time. I can see lots of joy and light in her but also lots of depth and darkness. She feels like a tender space where darkness can be deeply explored. 

The co-existence of dark and light in this beautiful being gives me the strength to explore both of those in myself and not shy away from either of them. She feels like the perfect ally for any breathwork session. It was Darwin who first wrote about the existence of different types of flowers on individual primrose plants, pin and thrum. To me the pin plants are a bit more lighthearted and help me balance light and dark better. When we find the time, we can sit down with a cup of tea and I’ll tell you all about the primroses.

I might even introduce you…