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I highly recommend Pin Primrose / Anja’s 1-2-1 breathwork sessions. There’s nothing like having a really safe, warm, kind environment to release difficult feelings. I feel the space offered by Anja is so very, very needed in a world where a lot of people have no idea how to heal from their difficult experiences and traumas. With Anja’s guidance one can gently start to release trapped feelings which might keep us feeling not so good in life. This doesn’t so much feel as though you are reliving horrible experiences, it more so can feel like they are being gently recognised as you start to move through and heal them. Incredibly therapeutic. Anja is fantastic at making clients feel seen and heard and encouraging them to be their true selves while supporting with soothing music, oils and helpful words.


Anja’s breathwork is incredible. They’re so skilled at gently and firmly holding space for their healing work to take place. Although many of us with trans experience can find it challenging, sometimes even impossible, to connect with our bodies, Anja shows great understanding and patience as they guide this journey. They create spaces that are safe, warm and full of care. I can’t recommend their work enough.”

Otter Lieffe, founder of Trans Feminism International

I recently visited Anja for some work with Rose tea, and was invited to try some breath work which I accepted since I have real issues with holding onto my breath through tension. I’d had experience of pranayama, but was not prepared for the intensity and power of the technique Anja lead me through. As someone who’s very cerebral and tends toward dissociating from my body a lot, this breath work took me right into the body, in a way that I could almost feel each of the cells alive. There was a deep recognition of how much my body is holding for me that’s not easy for it, and there was a lot of emotion that came up from that place which I’d felt was needed for so long but had not had the opportunity to release. Anja was so peaceful and gently supportive of me through this that I was able to feel totally safe in this experience, so much that toward the end I was able to spend some time in a state of very deep true relaxation that is very rare for me, drifting into liminal dream space while still aware of their supportive presence next to me. The experience really lifted something for me after what had been a few very difficult weeks that had left me quite numbed out and feeling defeated. I left our session feeling safe and belonging in the world and with a totally serene nervous system. It’s funny because I’d heard so many things about the power of breath work and for some reason resisted a bit up till now. This is a tool I now realise holds the key to deep embodiment and emotional release. I think a big part of the medicine is the trust and guidance that allowed total vulnerability on my part which I don’t find easy usually, and the next step I want to take is a group breath work session. Thank you, I’m very grateful for what was shared and held.


Anja holds space in a calm, committed, kind way. Their approach is gentle, non invasive, yet strong. During one breath work session I connected with and cleared some held trauma pattern from the birth of my daughter. It had been sitting there unnoticed for 17 years. Releasing this has helped me regain my sensuality, vitality and power. I feel alive again, strong and refreshed. My thanks goes to the breathwork and Anja’s safe guiding.


I have done several breath work sessions led by Anja, they are different every time, Anja seems to pluck out of the air the perfect theme and way to invite people into it. I found the breath work very challenging at first, meeting many resistances. When I was able to ‘go with it’ they enabled me to access and express parts of me that are usually hidden,  working through deep themes and emotions.


Anja is a grounded and wise facilitator who will lead you to beautiful self discovery and transformation. Trust and you will be rewarded with experiences that cannot ever be put into words.


Anja is an experienced and innovative facilitator – they combine many skills to weave truly powerful breathworks.

Benedict - Founder of Breathing Space

Anja is a remarkable person and a wonderful facilitator. Their gentle delivery is underpinned by a strength of spirit and undercurrents of personal power. Anja is an inspiration.

Clare D.

Anja’s calm and gentle presence supports people to feel really safe and held in a breathwork session. Their knowledge and wisdom are exceptional. I really encourage everyone to breathe with Anja if they have the chance to do so, as their skills and presence create a unique experience for everyone!

Svenja Tasler, Breathwork Facilitator & Coach

Anja’s knowledge of Nature and all it’s wonders help people to connect to both Nature and themselves in beautiful ways, making them a superNatural facilitator who encourages us skillfully and gently in Breathwork sessions and gives generously of their vast plant knowledge and suggestions to enhance our lives with joy.


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