Space for Healing

We all need a space for healing sometimes, a space where we are witnessed with compassion, and gently guided by the plants or the breath. I offer this space for queer and neurodiverse people who need some extra care while going through a challenging time. This can be anything from going through a break-up, having surgery or an abortion, being ill or recovering from an illness, to struggling with our emotions. 

In order to allow enough time for going deeper, Space for Healing is a package of four 90 minute sessions on Zoom. During these sessions, I will hold space for you to explore your inner landscapes through the plants and the breath. In between sessions you can continue this connection through a personal guided meditation I craft specifically for you. I am also available through email or voice message if you have any questions in between sessions. A herbal pack will be sent to you through Royal Mail and typically consists of a tincture and a herbal tea blend. 

So in short, Space for Healing contains:

  • Four 90 minute sessions on Zoom
  • An intro pack of herbs (sent to you by Royal Mail before our first session)
  • If needed some top-up herbs
  • A recorded guided plant or breathwork meditation to support you in between sessions
  • Support through voice message if needed.

The price for Space for Healing is £195, to be paid unfront.

Book Space for Healing


To book your Space for Healing package, simply email me at

I will send you a payment link and an intake form. After I’ve received your form and understand your needs better, we can book in the sessions and I’ll send you your first herbal pack. All sessions are on zoom and can be recorded if you wish.

I’m looking forward to holding space for you.


An Agreement

I find it really important to be clear about what I offer. Although I believe doing breathwork and connecting with plants can be truly healing experiences, I do not heal you, I am not a ‘healer’. I step into a partnership of healing and exploration with you. Many people enter into a healing journey with a practitioner expecting to receive some sort of healing and enter into a passive role. In the way I practice I aim to create the space where you yourself can ignite and engage in your healing while I bring in my knowledge of and experience with the herbs and breath as tools for this exploration.

Common Questions

What does a typical session look like?

Each session is different, but I try to keep a similar structure. We begin the session with a check-in. Usually we will start the session with some herb connection, but sometimes we dive straight into breathwork and call upon a plant for integration. At the end of the session we talk about how you can connect with the plants/breath by yourself for further support and healing.

How do I prepare for a session?

When you have a session planned, it’s best to plan a quiet day with time to rest consciously. Have light but nourishing foods (root vegetables are the way to go) and feel into what you might bring to the session. Wear warm and comfortable clothes that are loose around the belly. If you have any questions, know that you can ask them before the session starts.

What can I expect to happen during breathwork?

There’s not one breathwork session that is the same, they are all different and so it is best to go into the session with an open mind. There are a few things you can expect though.

  • Tingling, usually starting in the hand, often felt throughout the body. This is the energy that starts to move in the body.
  • Muscle tightness, again, often starting in the hands, but this can also be felt in the jaw, shoulders/neck and sometimes legs. Known as tetany, this passes once we breathe naturally again.
  • Temperature fluctuations, you might feel really hot and then really cold or vice versa. Your body temperature can change depending on the emotional release that’s happening.
  • Movement, the body can start shaking, twitching and undergoing convultion-like movements. This might look scary, but it is a way of the body to release tension. The best is not to become frightened by the movements but seeing them as a way of the body to heal itself.
  • Emotional release, you might cry, sob, giggle, bellylaugh, all part of the emotional and energetic release.
  • Sound as part of the release. Screaming, yelling, moaning, it’s all part of healing.
What should I prepare for aftercare?

After a session it’s best to plan some time to rest, to eat nourishing food and to process in your favourite way (creating art, a bath with epsom salts, meditation, journaling,…). Try to only meet up with people with whom you can talk about your experience and who can hold space for you while you share. Also, drink a lot of water or herbal tea.

I might give you some homework to integrate your experience, like working with a plant (for example drink a cup of tea daily and tune into your body while drinking) or with the breath (breath by yourself for a short amount of time)…

Are there any contraindications for breathwork?

If you have a medical condition and unsure if Breathwork is a good idea for you, always check in with your medical practitioner.

Some conditions where breathwork might be contraindicated or where the breathwork technique might need to be modified:

Heart conditions


Recent psychosis

Unstable pregnancy

What if I'm not in the UK?

If you’re not in the UK, it will be difficult to send you the herbal pack. If you still want to work together, I can help you source the right herbs from other small businesses I know of in your area, or you can go on a mission to find some yourself. In this case, I offer a £20 discount.

What's your cancellation policy?

Rescheduling a session

Contact me to reschedule a session. If you need to reschedule within 24h of the session, you will be charged £25 extra for this session.

Changing your mind

If you feel like Space for Healing is not the right match for you after the first session, you can cancel and I can offer you 75% of the price as a refund. Cancelling is not possible after the second session.

Late arrivals

Your late arrival will require that I end the session at the scheduled time, meaning your session will unfortunately be shorter.   I have reserved this time for you and only you and have other people scheduled after your time. If the schedule is flexible, I can decide to offer you the full amount of time at my discretion.

No show

You will not be able to reschedule this session.

And to conclude, this policy also applies to me. If I need to cancel a session within 24h for any reason, I owe you a free session.