Sliding scale sessions

I totally understand £60 pounds being a lot for a session of any type of healing work. But I also really believe my 1:1 breathwork sessions can be really nourishing. 

Anyone who needs a sliding scale 1:1 session with me can use the same link to book a session, use the discount code LOVE and you’ll get a link to paypal me your sliding scale contribution: £10 – £25 for folk who are unwaged or on a very low income, £0 for people who have no financial recourse (of course you don’t have to paypal me in that case!). Please don’t hesitate to sign up for these spots!

Depending on the popularity of these sessions I might start working with a waiting list for these spots. I’ve seen too many practitioner friends work themselves into burnout or resentment with sliding scale and I am aware of my own energy levels.

Pay it forward

A friend of mine asked me if she could pay me a bit of money so I could offer more sliding scale sessions to people who can’t afford it right now. I think that’s really sweet! If you have some extra cash and you want to do the same, here is my paypal link. THANK YOU!