Simply Breathe

This is a session for you to simply breathe and go deeper with the breath. I will hold the space for you so you can let go and go deep.

Sessions are 90 minute sessions on Zoom. During these sessions, I will hold space for you to explore your inner landscapes through the breath.

The price for Simply Breathe is £65, to be paid unfront.

Book Simply Breathe


To book your Simply Breathe session, simply email me at

I will send you a payment link and an intake form. After I’ve received your form and understand your needs better, we can book in the session. All sessions are on zoom and can be recorded if you wish.

I’m looking forward to holding space for you.


An Agreement

I find it really important to be clear about what I offer. Although I believe doing breathwork and connecting with plants can be truly healing experiences, I do not heal you, I am not a ‘healer’. I step into a partnership of healing and exploration with you. Many people enter into a healing journey with a practitioner expecting to receive some sort of healing and enter into a passive role. In the way I practice I aim to create the space where you yourself can ignite and engage in your healing while I bring in my knowledge of and experience with the herbs and breath as tools for this exploration.