Space for Healing

We all need a space for healing sometimes, a space where we are witnessed with compassion, and gently guided by the plants or the breath. I offer this space for queer and neurodiverse people who need some extra care while going through a challenging time. This can be anything from going through a break-up, having surgery or an abortion, being ill or recovering from an illness, to struggling with our emotions.

Simply Breathe

This is a session for you to simply breathe and go deeper with the breath. I will hold the space for you so you can let go and go deep.

Pin Primrose - Breathwork meditation for healing in Brighton

Time to Connect

This is a herbal session to connect to your body, emotions and soul through the plants. By engaging your senses and listening deeply you can explore what is present for you in the moment, knowing you are supported by the plants. Send me a message so I can share an intake form with you to establish which herb we will be working with.