Safe space

I hope to offer a space that feels safe enough for people of all genders, sexualities and experiences. I believe that for healing to take place, a space must be as safe and comfortable as possible for both client and practitioner. Here’s what I aim to do with creating safe space in mind:

  • Before we dive into the breathwork session, we have a chat about what is going on for you. This is a good time to discuss specific physical and emotional needs. All information shared will be kept in strict confidence.
  • I aim to encourage informed consent – I explain the outline of the session and the possible effects of breathwork as well as I can. I ask for consent about offering touch and the use of healing tools such as oils and incense.
  • I try to approach each new client without judgement or prejudice based on their gender, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, ability, income etc. and without expectations or judgements about their body.
  • I recognise that working with people different to myself may require me to educate myself about those differences. I aim to do this, respectfully, wherever possible.

And finally –

  • I’m only human. I encourage feedback from you and aim to be as open as possible to hearing it and acting on it. So please let me know what you think!

With all my love, Anja xx


Much love and thanks to Otter Lieffe and her clinic Safer Healing for the inspiration for this page.