My breathwork journey

My journey with breathwork has been one of love and hesitation, enthusiasm and resistance, and deep deep devotion. I’ve done many breathwork sessions, some with the amazing practitioner Jennye Patterson, some during my training with my inspiring teacher Erin Telford, and many of them by myself with playlists and recordings. I had my first session with Jennye in October 2017 and trained with Erin in August 2018. I’ve led circles and held space for 1:1 healing sessions since then.

That’s quite a bit of experience with this tool. And still, every single time I need to get over myself and my resistance to do the work. It’s the habit of a lifetime of resisting and suppressing my feelings that gets me every time. And every time I push through I realise it’s doable, it’s actually freeing and makes me feel light and in my power. I realise it’s mostly my own thoughts about my feelings that build up my resistance.

Once I can ‘be’ with the actual feeling inside my body, I know I can actually be with this/myself without running away, without suppressing. Just being with. This constant exploration of my feelings has brought me so much richness in life. I truly am a different person since I’ve started my breathwork journey. 

And my life definitely has changed, breathwork helped with my connection with my own strength, and this has enabled me to make drastic life decisions. Moving to Brighton after having lived in Brussels for 18 years was one of those decisions. I have no logical explanation for the “why” of this move, other than it felt right even though I only knew 2 people in Brighton at the time I moved here. And how amazing this decision has been since! Life just makes so much more sense now. I live in a place I love, with my cat and great people, doing things that are nourishing to me. Honestly, I believe this is thanks to breathwork.